Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Posted on 9th Oct 2014


Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!


So, the prediction for the coming weeks is wind, rain and of cause SNOW!!!

This is according to the reliable UK met office?!

So, the convertible’s will be safely tucked away for the winter months in exchange for the hefty four wheel drive/4×4, which we have now it seems taken to with huge enthusiasm in the UK.  From the Land Rover Freelander, the BMW X3 or perhaps the Range Rover Evoque being used for the school run, the shopping and any other daily activities during these grim dark days. Sexist?, well yes!

So which vehicle to use at the weekend? Family day at the beach with the hounds, golf maybe, or of course the weekend shoot! Will ‘he’ then choose the Range Rover, the Discovery, or even the Mercedes ML or BMW X5!

In recent years the two later have maybe not been ‘up there’ in the height of fashion, however they are two of the most understated, reliable, and performance driven 4×4’s on the road today.  Lets take a look at the X5.  The original X5 introduced sporty on-road dynamics to the 4×4 sector, however, the definition of how an SUV should drive has changed recently.

Now, the best of these blend sharp handling, excellent off-road ability and also refinement to rival that of the top luxury saloons.  As a result, the new X5 is lighter than the car it replaces. An aluminium bonnet and thermoplastic side panels are just a couple of examples of the car’s diet, while BMW’s xDrive 4×4 transmission is 1.4kg lighter than before. Even so, the M50d weighs 2,190kg – that’s 75kg more than close rival, the Range Rover Sport. The X5 achieved a five star Euro NCAP crash safety rating, thanks to the availability of more safety kit than ever before.

On top of a host of standard safety kit, the X5 can be had with a variety of options to protect its occupants.

The Active Security package includes lane departure warning, rear collision alerts and a blind-spot monitor, all of which can be switched on or off at the touch of a button. BMW Emergency Call is part of ConnectedDrive and uses your phone to contact and send details to the police or ambulance should you have a crash. Meanwhile, Night Vision and LED headlights are also on the options list.The engines and technology used in the X5 are used in other products, so shouldn’t prove too much trouble to run, although wear and tear rates are likely to be high.

This BMW is still a big, heavy car.

By altering the way the new X5 looks compared with the previous model, BMW has given the new model much more usable space than the old car. And that was necessary to distance the  X5 from the X3, which grew considerably in its latest iteration, too.  The first two generations of the X5 were a huge success for BMW – making the X5 one of the most recognised premium SUVs on the planet. In total, the car clocked up combined global sales of 1.3 million across its first two incarnations. I guess, this is one meaty machine which pretty much does it all! Safe, comfortable, reliable, superb to drive, space for clubs,   kids, dogs etc…….. . Only deciding factor really is who get to drive it at the weekend!! BMW X5

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