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The New 2013 Jaguar XF

Posted on 24th Aug 2012

Anyone who’s got an eye for prestige cars will appreciate Jaguars. These iconic vehicles represent the epitome of British style, class and engineering. Classics like the E-Type, especially when displayed in all its racing green glory, are still able to turn heads and draw gasps when driven on the streets. Recently, this top quality manufacturer has […]

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The Audi Quattro – A Legendary Car

Posted on 10th Aug 2012

Audi now make some of the best looking and performing cars on the road. Did you know however that up till the 1980s they were regarded as a fairly boring and safe manufacturer. Well that all changed when they decided to make a car worthy of winning the WRC. In the 1980s Formula One was […]

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The History of Honda

Posted on 2nd Jul 2012

Alongside Toyota, Honda are probably one of the best known car manufacturers in the Far East. Today they produce thousands of new vehicles on a daily basis. Life hasn’t always been so easy for this industrial giant, with many adversities befalling the company’s rise to success. We all know that Honda make some superb cars […]

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