Mmmmm 4! The BMW M4

Posted on 19th May 2014


The BMW M4! WOW! Mmmmm 4!

Just when we were all thinking when the M4‘s arrival was announced. It will be just another BMW, a little more than a M3, but falling short of the mighty M5. How very wrong we were! The M4 is a beast in its own right! From the classic BMW styling to the huge thrust of power and pleasure. A force to be reckoned with already! But how do we know? We will all think to begin with, the new M3, but then the new M3 has four doors! Perhaps not the best move for BMW but time will tell.  Will the M4 be a direct competitor to the Porsche perhaps or Mercedes. We doubt it! Its doubtful in fact that anything will serve as this BMW M- Car. Twin turbocharging which gives the necessary torque to propel this car into orbit!

The 0.62 mph is considerably short of time , 4.3 seconds to be exact, and the top speed is, as ever limited to 155mph. The weight loss achieved over the models (coupe and forthcoming convertible), has been managed  through the use of more lightweight materials. Carbon fibre reinforced plastic. Whats certain is that it will be a more flexible engine than ever before, with 550Nm of torque available from just 1,800rpm.

There’s a fuel economy advantage too. Both cars capable of 34mpg and emitting just 194g/km of CO2. The six speed manual gearbox comes as standard, featuring an auto-blip function on downshifts. As well as the Launch control feature integrated in to the gearbox. There’s also a ‘smokey burnout’ mode for dramatic take-offs! There’s an Active M Differential to help improve traction. M Dynamic Mode to the traction control, which allows owners a generous amount of slip angle without turning the control off completely. New electromechanical steering set-up. The latter features three modes: Comfort, Sport and Sport+, offering different levels of steering assistance. The BMW M4 interior features the excellent M steering wheel. Along with door sills, a gearshift, seats and an instrument cluster all adorned with the M badge. The seats themselves are inspired by racing bucket seats but can be made electronically adjustable and heated as an option.

UK cars include Adaptive M suspension, 19-inch alloys, front and rear parking sensors, heated and electric BMW M seats and exterior-folding mirrors as standard. High-gloss Shadowline exterior trim and a full BMW Professional Media package are also thrown in. On the options list are carbon-ceramic brakes, a heads-up display, active cruise control and fatigue detection. BMW will also offer an M Laptimer app for smartphones, allowing owners to hook their device up to the car and record things like speed, revs and lateral acceleration around a track.

Its early days with the first of the M4’s arriving this month, lets wait and see the reaction once we

have finally got our hands on it ………………


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