Mercedes CLS 2013 – review

Posted on 14th Aug 2013

Sell my MercedesOver the last few weeks, we have talked about the Aston Martin V12 Roadster, the Audi RS5, the BMW 4 Series, and the all new Jaguar F-Type. We now look at one of our all time favourite at Iain Mutch Specialist Cars –  The Mercedes-Benz CLS!

Is it a Saloon? It feels like one! Is it a Coupe? It looks like one! The Mercedes CLS is a super stylish executive saloon, which is fantastic to drive and capable of whisking four people and their luggage around quickly and quietly.

The CLS was launched in 2004, and Mercedes claimed it had invented a new market sector. That’s something most major manufacturers quote every few months these days, with varying degrees of credibility. But with the CLS four-door coupe, Mercedes seemed to have managed it. Although there had been big two door coupes in the Mercedes range before, the four door CLS genuinely was the first of a new line.

Sell my mercedesUnveiled as a concept in 2003, the CLS was clearly going to make production. The concept was a hit, and so was the production car. For a time it had the market to itself – some 170,000 were sold and only recently have Audi and BMW replied with the A7 and the 5 Series GT. That made the CLS’s replacement – the second generation car – a formality. Our favourite version of the CLS comes with a punchy 2.1 litre four cylinder diesel engine, you could of course spend the extra on the V6 diesel which offers a truly breathless pace. Buying your first CLS can prove to be quite difficult if you are unsure of the type of drive this executive car offers. You can choose from three suspension set-ups; air suspension, steel springs with adaptive dampers, and a sport option that brings firmer steel springs and dampers. If you require comfort you would need the air set up, which delivers everything you would expect with a luxury car. The steering is light whichever you choose, effortless in fact especially for parking and yet precise and accurate at higher speeds. Getting in to the CLS range is not cheap! With the entry level car approaching £50,000 in price, especially with the options. All mainstream models wear the Mercedes eco BlueEfficiency badges, the CLS 250 CDi kicking off the range, with the alternative diesel being the 350 CDi.

Sell my MercedesPetrol power comes from the 350 and 500 models, while the 63 AMG tops the range. There are of course, a few changes to the platform to make the CLS, supposedly a more dynamic, athletic car.  Mercedes calls the crease line that starts above the front wheel arch a ‘dropping line’. Its meant to be reminiscent of older Mercedes sports cars. Its also meant to visually enhance the length of the bonnet. In keeping with more sporting Mercedes models, the CLS gets a massive star in the grille.

Interior wise, there are few compromises. There’s space in the back for only two, rear passenger space though is generous, with sculpted seats that are comfortable with plenty of leg room, even for the tallest chap! However getting in and out does require some dexterity due to the low sloping roof. Perhaps that fits with the sleek exterior shape, if not the CLS’s intended dynamic ethos. Think of the CLS not as a sporting four door coupe but as an executive saloon with dynamic ability. These abilities combine with excellent fuel economy and an interior that’s a pleasure to spend time in!

We’ve created a gallery of images of the Mercedes CLS which you can take a look at by clicking here.

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